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We can produce trainart from virtually any source - your photo prints, slides, film, flat artwork, digital files and even video.

The imaging is not just the application of a Photoshop or other software filter (although this can be done if required) but a special art programme that enables a wide range of effects, colours etc. to be produced.

Finished sizes range from A4 upto A2 (approx.. 12” x 8” upto 23” x 16”) We can scan artwork in house upto A3 size (16” x 12”)

All trainart is produced using Lyson professional inks and papers on specialist printers. Papers available range from 170 gsm matt to 210/310gsm fine art papers. All papers are acid free for long life. Sample swatches available - please call.


Depends on finished image size and paper choice. The basic imaging process costs £10.00 (€ 15.00) for the standard brush effects shown on the examples pages, plus the printing and paper cost as follows:

A4 size: 170 gsm matt papers £1.50 (€ 2.25)
A4 size: 210 gsm art papers £2.00 (€ 3.00)
A4 size: 310 gsm papers £2.50 (€ 3.75)
A3 size: 170 gsm matt papers £2.75 (€ 4.15)
A3 size: 210 gsm art papers £3.70 (€ 5.55)
A3 size: 310 gsm art papers £4.20 (€ 6.30)
A2 size: 170 gsm matt papers £4.50 (€ 6.75)
A2 size: 210 gsm art papers £8.00 (€ 12.00)
A2 size: 310 gsm art papers £8.50 (€ 12.75)

€ prices correct as at 1st July 2003

Please ask about quantity discounts, special effects, canvas/other media etc.... We will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Prices include vat, trainart is posted out unframed in a postal tube at an additional cost of £1.30 to mainland UK addresses. Special deliveries/overseas will be charged at cost. Please allow five working days for preparation and printing of image.

Copyright note: Due to copyright law we are only allowed to reproduce images to which you the ‘customer’ hold the copyright. We can not reproduce images from books, other photographers etc. without the express permission of the author of the work. We assume therefore that any artwork forwarded to us by you ‘the customer’ for the purpose of producing trainart complies with the conditions outlined above and that you accept we have to copy the image to enable trainart to be produced. We agree not to distribute/reissue/pass on to third party etc. your image in anyway. The trainart image though will be kept on our servers for archiving/or your reorder purposes.